Fraud Prevention

The majority of us buy insurance to be protected. Insurance is an important purchase and sometimes people make mistakes which might cause the probems with the terms of their policy, which is why it is always a good idea to get advice. Sometimes, however, we find that we also have to deal with people who are intentionally dishonest.

This is why JDS does all it can to protect its customers and partners from fraud. JDS is committed to protecting its customers and will deal with their claims in a fair and transparent manner. We will support all genuine and valid claims, however it is the duty of all customers and brokers to take care that the information they provide is truthful and accurate. They must provide accurate and complete answers to all questions asked by the insurer at the time the policy is taken out or amended, or when a claim is being made. Making an intentionally false or misleading statement to your broker or insurer is fraud. As well as being a criminal offence, there could be other consequences.


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